COMA IMAGES is collective of storytellers, dedicated to exploring both new and traditional means of communication and creating unique stories- through text, photography and art, that present distinct ways of understanding the world

From photojournalism to contemporary photography, we believe that each member’s individual practice is as diverse as their cultural and social backgrounds and we strive to explore these often complex narratives of identity and belonging with the patience, commitment and integrity that they deserve.

Through our far-reaching projects, we want to create greater creative and social consciousness and be facilitators of change through exhibitions, educational events, publishing initiatives and artistic collaborations that will engage and inspire a new generation of visual storytellers.

All images © 2017 Aleksander Klug, Ilia Yefimovich, Anastasija Kiake, Ella Kiviniemi, Ana Alexandrescu, Simon Skipper Christiansen. All Rights Reserved.
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