Aleksander Klug

Aleksander Klug (b. 1992) is a Danish photographer, born and raised on the eastern seaboard. 

In 2015, with a grant from the Hagiske Foundation, he started working on Bloodlands, an investigative multimedia project exploring the use of illegal labour and trafficking in Scandinavia and the Baltics. As a storyteller, Aleksander's interests lie in long-term documentary projects focused on underserved, obscure communities and the shadowy world that lies, just beneath the surface, stemming from a deep fascination by the impact humans have on their surroundings and the traces they leave behind. 

With projects often spanning several years, Aleksander's work does not merely document a story straight; rather, it analyses and re-analyses the story over the course of months and years to show the dynamic and complex nature of the lives we live.


All images © 2017 Aleksander Klug, Ilia Yefimovich, Anastasija Kiake, Ella Kiviniemi, Ana Alexandrescu, Simon Skipper Christiansen. All Rights Reserved.
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