Ilia Yefimovich 

Russian born Documentary photographer and co-founder of COMA IMAGES.

"My work researches the human conflict and its obsession with territory‭. ‬As an observer I’m building a maze of ideas that create parallel realities that merge into a sanctuary of surreal narratives from the combination‭ ‬of their representations of the familiar and common places‭.‬" Yefimovich focuses rather on the countrysides and the borderlines. This point of view blurs the images into a new amalgamated geographical narrative. A journey between two countries, of a man who constantly search for new ways to define his identity. In his book Species of Spaces and other pieces George Perec discusses the concept of “home” by presenting two general possibilities of a modern lifestyle. "To put down roots” “to belong completely in your village" or “change towns, and change countries; to speak and read any of four or five languages; to feel at home nowhere, but at ease almost everywhere."

Yefimovich is an auctorial narrator, who constantly move between the scenes - travels and stops, stops and observes - chooses to reveal and conceal information according to his judgment. He uses the complexity of his surroundings, but as an adherent of neutrality, he does not take sides. His conflict exist between his natural “habitus”, which paradoxically keeps him in a comfort zone, and his desire to be able to disconnect and act out nuances of a tourist. He presents two perspectives of the same objects, finding and creating perspective complexities and presenting a photograph within a photograph. All of the photographed places have a name, a specific location on the map, a written (and sometimes well known and iconic) history. However Yefimovich chooses to ignore it. The information signs of the memorials and monuments along his way, where he stands and observes, the laconic explanations which tell the tales about those places, do not enter to this sequence. Yefimovich creates a kind of isolation from time and space, but the one which is still not completely vacuumed. The reality is leaking out of the images in the form of subalterns, cadets and images of different kind of ammunition, which blow up any pastoral illusion and remind us that we live in this very world. 

All images © 2017 Aleksander Klug, Ilia Yefimovich, Anastasija Kiake, Ella Kiviniemi, Ana Alexandrescu, Simon Skipper Christiansen. All Rights Reserved.
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